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Schedule a Session

Ready to request a session for your child(ren)?


For each child (8-18) wanting to schedule a session this summer, please download, complete, and submit the following form:

Session Application

After we receive your application(s), we will contact you to schedule session(s) for your child(ren).

If you have further questions, please contact our Program Director, Elisha McCulloh, LCSW, by phone (765) 376-9535 or email:

Preparing for sessions:


In order to have a safe and healthy experience at the ranch, there are several things parents are reminded to consider as you plan for your child’s session.

All children must wear shoes with closed toes and closed heels in order to protect their feet.

Most activities will take place outside. Indiana summers can be very hot and we have limited shade. Please liberally apply sunscreen before traveling to the ranch. Bring water for your child and yourself. It might be a good idea to bring snacks to refresh tired participants after all the fun, exercise, and fresh air.

Please help children understand what to expect during their sessions. You can read about them on the General Info page, and it might be helpful to explain to children that are particularly focused on riding a horse that there are things for them to learn before they are ready to take that step. Our primary concern is for the safety and well-being of all people and animals at the ranch; due to many factors, we cannot guarantee that a child will be able to ride during a session.