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General Info

What is a “session” at Achaius Ranch?


A session is 90 minutes of time reserved especially for one child, age 8 – 18, to work and play at the ranch, led by a trained “Session Leader.” The first part of each session (approximately 30 mins) will be dedicated to service, in which the child and the leader will work together on a simple project to help maintain the horses, their environment, equipment, etc. During the remainder of the session, the child will learn about horses, grooming, caring for them, horsemanship, and riding (when/if they are ready for that), etc. Most of the time, sessions will be one-on-one-on-one (child, leader, horse), even when there is more than one session occurring at the ranch simultaneously. Participants might join together for some service projects and/or equine activities, especially if weather requires sessions to occur indoors, as our indoor accommodations are quite limited. But for typical sessions, the ratio will remain one leader per child, except in rare circumstances (such as if a leader is suddenly unable to lead a scheduled session and no replacement is available).

When are sessions available?


Sessions may be scheduled May – October. Please click this link to request sessions for your child(ren).

Additional info about sessions:


Sessions are always free for all participants.

Sessions are by appointment only.

A parent, guardian, or other responsible adult must remain at the ranch during their child’s session.

All children must wear shoes that completely cover their feet while at the ranch. A riding helmet is required while mounted (provided by ranch).

There will always be more than one staff member present and available on the ranch during sessions.